Link: Is Silence Golden?

Blog by Martin Boniface. Last month, my son, Harry was excited to go to the theatre. Harry has severe learning disabilities, epilepsy and no speech, Harry loves animals and when his Dimensions support worker took him to see Into the Woods, a musical fairy tale, he was really enjoying the matinee performance. All the more because I was in the cast. See more

News: London launch for Cultural Inclusion Manifesto

School Travel Organiser report The Lyric Theatre Hammersmith recently hosted the official launch of the Cultural Inclusion Manifesto, a statement of intent to address children’s needs for better access to cultural and arts opportunities. See more

Blog: A manifesto to ensure cultural inclusion for all

AND Advocate Paul Morrow introduces the Cultural Inclusion Manifesto – a guiding set of principles to help achieve real inclusion. See more

Link: Ballet classes for an ‘inclusive society’

Meet the Flamingo Chicks, the ballet that encourage inclusivity and where youngsters of all abilities can enjoy themselves. BBC: see more

Link: Wellbeing through arts and culture

The Arts Council believe that making and experiencing arts and culture can transform quality of life for individuals and communities. Take a look at the projects and information below to find out more, and help them to spread the word about how art can make us feel better. See more.



Cultural Inclusion Newsletter – 11th May 2018

See the first Cultural Inclusion Newsletter here




News: Cultural Inclusion in Schools Week today

Great to have coverage in Schools Week for Cultural Inclusion. See more and go to page 19.



Event: West London Arts Festival

A partnership between four Special Needs Schools and two London cultural institutions; The Wallace Collection and The Lyric Theatre Hammersmith See more

Link: The Arts, Health & Wellbeing

A briefing paper from the Cultural Learning Alliance on why the arts make us happier and healthier. See more.



News: School Travel Organiser promotes the manifesto

Thanks to School Travel Organiser for promoting the Cultural Inclusion manifesto in their April 2018 edition of their magazine for secondary schools. See more (go to page 6)