Snowman and Paddington Performance

Everyone is welcome at the Royal Albert Hall’s Relaxed Performance of The Snowman™ and Paddington Bear™, this Christmas. Enjoy a double-bill of classic stories, with musical accompaniment from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, in a relaxed setting. See more

Delight your family with a double-bill of classic stories, with musical accompaniment from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, in a relaxed setting. In the first half of this enchanting concert, narrated by Stephen Mangan, we join Paddington™ on a journey from his first meeting with the Brown Family right up to making his conducting debut on our very own stage!. And for the second half, Raymond Briggs’ magical picture book The Snowman™ comes to life on the Hall’s big screen while Howard Blake’s heart-melting score, including Walking in the Air, is performed live. Ben Palmer, Conductor Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Everyone is welcome: children, young people, adults with autism, sensory and communication impairments and learning disabilities, as well as individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired, blind or visually impaired, and those living with dementia.

There is a relaxed attitude to movement and noise, plus ‘chill-out’ spaces will be available outside the auditorium.

Village School – barriers to access

The Village School session at the Cultural Inclusion Conference asked 'How do we make things that are not happening happen?' They explored the barriers for disabled people accessing culture and arts, these are some of their responses:

nasen Connect on Cultural Inclusion

Have a look at this article on the Cultural Inclusion Manifesto in nasen Connect. The magazine from the National Association of Special Educational Needs is published every two months and is sent to it’s Silver and Gold members who are made up of SENCO’s, School Leaders, Educational Psychologists, Local Authority Specialist Teams, Classroom Teachers, Learning Support Staff, School Governors and Trustees.

nasen has now extended it’s membership to cultural organisations. See more and join nasen here. For specific support around cultural inclusion, try nasen’s one-day workshop: Working effectively with children and young people with SEND: a one-day workshop for arts, culture and heritage organisations.

Cultural Inclusion Conference – 18th October 2018

We were delighted to hold the inaugural Cultural Inclusion Conference on 18 October. Over 100 delegates from across education, arts and cultural organisations and disability bodies came together to explore access to arts and culture for people with young people with disabilities. It was a powerful and thought provoking event.

With a choice of twelve practical workshops, provocative key notes and opportunities to work together on solutions, this was a chance to both learn from others and to be at the front of developing a National Cultural Inclusion Strategy. See the programme for the conference here.

The key note from Stephen Unwin was hard hitting, difficult to hear and for many attendees at the very core of why cultural inclusion matters so much. Stephen has launched 10 things that he would like to see in any drama that portrays learning disabilities and we are supporting a call for funders to consider more commissions in this field.

Andrew Miller, UK Government’s Disability Champion for Arts & Culture, gave an impassioned speech on need for practical approaches to see people with disabilities have better access to the creative industries. This is one of the areas that we want to consider as part of our next steps with great support from delegates.

Adam Boddison, CEO of NASEN, talked about the practical benefits of collaboration and networking and particularly how cultural and heritage institutions can work with and sharing learning from inclusion practice in schools. Following requests over the last months and feedback from delegates at the event NASEN have opened a new membership offer for cultural organisations.

And Cultural Manifesto author Paul Morrow opened the event with a background on where we came from, the rapid progress we made and where we might go next. See Paul's speech here. On the day of the Conference we passed our 100th signatory with 2 of the Deputy Mayors for London adding their support.

The conference had a wealth of wonderful practice that we will be sharing over the months ahead. Our thanks to the presenters and workshop leaders who all gave their time freely. It also prompted a passionate level of discussion. Over the weeks ahead we will update on next steps ahead of our parliamentary reception in January where we will be launching our Cultural Inclusion Plan.

Many thanks to Lyric Hammersmith, nasen, GEM, A New Direction, all the presenters, schools, the helpers on the day, the delegates and the Every Child Should team working behind the scenes.


Anita Kerwin-Nye,
Lead Every Child Should (who is incubating the Manifesto)

NASEN offer for cultural organisations

At the cultural inclusion conference at the Hammersmith Lyric last week, I promised to send you some information about how you can engage with nasen moving forwards.  Our offer around cultural inclusion continues to evolve, but there are two ways in which you can get started.  At the simplest level, you can sign up as a nasen member, which will give you access to nasen’s online resources, webinars as well as give you access to the latest research and effective practice.  Whilst the context is very much about schools, much of it is directly applicable to learners with SEND in any context.  My advice would be to join as a gold organisational member, which only costs £299 and gives every member of staff and volunteer in your organisation access to the resources.  You can find more information and join nasen here:

For those of you who are looking for specific support around cultural inclusion, please can I recommend our one-day workshop: Working effectively with children and young people with SEND: a one-day workshop for arts, culture and heritage organisations

You can find full details of this course and information about how to commission it here:

All good wishes,

Dr Adam Boddison
Chief Executive (nasen)
Chair of Whole School SEND Consortium

State of Museum Access 2018

VocalEyes, in collaboration with Stagetext and Autism in Museums are delighted to publish the State of Museum Access 2018 and launch the Museum Access Pledge. See more

Support for the arts in schools

Labour and Prince Charles vow to support creativity in schools, the Guardian reports. Artists and politicians at Royal Albert Hall event voice concerns over slide of arts in school. See more

Link: Rhythmix ending talking about SEN/D

Rhythmix are joining others in moving away from using the term SEN/D – they are going to END talking about SEN/D! See more to find out why.

Link: The Unusual Suspects

Colouring books for all ages and abilities by Dan White. See more

Link: RA Summer Exhibition

Author of the Cultural Inclusion Manifesto and Lead Practitioner of the Creative Arts at Westminster Special Schools, Paul Morrow, leads a curated 30-minute tour of five works from this year’s Summer Exhibition. 2nd August 2018. See more