Anita Kerwin-Nye

Anita Kerwin-Nye – Lead, Every Child Should

The benefits of art, culture and access to heritage are well known. Across the country there are thousands of wonderful institutions that excel in their provision. But we know that children and young people with disability access these less than their peers. This reflects a common pattern where those that could benefit most from these rich resources are often those that access them the least and is a key theme of the Every Child Should campaign. The Cultural Inclusion Manifesto is a commitment to collaborate to improve access – indeed to make access an entitlement. This is more than physical access or support with communication – although these things are important and sadly still too often unaddressed. This is about children and young people with disabilities being both consumers and producers of art and culture and about seeing themselves, their culture and their heritage, in the work that these institutions display. It builds on the amazing work of Paul Morrow and the West London Inclusive Arts Festival.

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