Federation of Westminster Special Schools

Federation of Westminster Special Schools

The Federation of Westminster Special Schools understands the potency of cultural engagement for young people with special educational needs and disabilities. Through our many partnerships, our young people can be seen, valued and included; their voices and stories are told and become part of our culture.

The ability to express and communicate, to develop autonomy and a sense of self is central to our mission as a Federation and this is greatly supported by arts and culture.

The creative arts empower young people; it supports their mental health and wellbeing and is an essential part of their education. We have developed and built a sense of community and celebration through the creative arts and have actively shared our experiences and achievements in collaboration with friends, parents and supporters. With our cultural partners we have promoted inclusion to a wider audience.

It is with great pride that I commit both schools to the manifesto with the knowledge of our involvement in its creation.

Andy Balmer – Executive Head

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