Sandra Bee

Sandra Bee – Mother of an autistic gifted child

My son Genesis was assessed by his old School at age 4 showing skills of a child in Key stage 3. He then went to a School in NW9, who tried to fit him in their box. With the assessment from other School, they chose the ukulele for him, HE DIGRESS, with few chords and not his natural chosen instrument, which is the piano, (with, to compose, recreate and shine with lots of variation in sounds and KEYS!!!) Now age 6, Genesis should be able to express himself in his wired way. Music teachers should be aware of our children’s difference and create around them to then reap rainbows. He is also showing a talent for painting, mixing colors heighten his sensory needs to create natural images of trees. My son who is expressing, lively and repetitive with a smile needs nurturing so his natural being can thrive.

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