Cultural Inclusion in the age of COVID

26th February 2021 - Virtual conference - Save the date

The Cultural Inclusion Manifesto is a campaign to ensure that disabled people have access to all aspects of culture and heritage. As creators and consumers; as employees and volunteers; as the subjects and the critics.

COVID has presented both threats and opportunities for cultural inclusion.  The campaign’s second conference explores this with presentations on what we know both of the additional access challenges created by COVID and real life examples of some of the positive developments that we can take forward into the future.

One of the particular areas for exploration is the school/home/community relationship:

  • Has COVID provided opportunities for new partnerships with home to develop cultural capital and experiences or has it widened the gap?
  • Have new community partnerships formed with all schools or are some super-served while others go without?
  • Is digital levelling the playing field or just creating second class experiences for those who cannot access the physical?

Speakers announced in January.

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Cultural Inclusion
Cultural Inclusion
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