NASEN offer for cultural organisations

At the cultural inclusion conference at the Hammersmith Lyric last week, I promised to send you some information about how you can engage with nasen moving forwards.  Our offer around cultural inclusion continues to evolve, but there are two ways in which you can get started.  At the simplest level, you can sign up as a nasen member, which will give you access to nasen’s online resources, webinars as well as give you access to the latest research and effective practice.  Whilst the context is very much about schools, much of it is directly applicable to learners with SEND in any context.  My advice would be to join as a gold organisational member, which only costs £299 and gives every member of staff and volunteer in your organisation access to the resources.  You can find more information and join nasen here:

For those of you who are looking for specific support around cultural inclusion, please can I recommend our one-day workshop: Working effectively with children and young people with SEND: a one-day workshop for arts, culture and heritage organisations

You can find full details of this course and information about how to commission it here:

All good wishes,

Dr Adam Boddison
Chief Executive (nasen)
Chair of Whole School SEND Consortium

Adam Boddison
Adam Boddison
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