Flamingo Chicks

Flamingo Chicks – Flamingo Chicks is an inclusive community giving all children, including disabled children and those with illnesses such as cancer, the opportunity to enjoy dance and explore movement alongside friends. We also provide a vital peer support network for parents and carers, intergenerational volunteering, global outreach and advocacy!

We wholeheartedly support the beliefs and commitments of the manifesto and want to play our part in sharing experiences, insights, and developing partnerships to connect cultural and SEN organisations. Inclusion is at the heart of what we do – Flamingo Chicks was founded by Katie Sparkes, whose daughter has Cerebral Palsy, and our charity is led by our Agents of Change youth council – an elected body of 33 young people, aged 7 to 18, who represent their peers, direct our organisation and campaign for a fair future for disabled children. The Agents of Change programme is underpinned by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Flamingo Chicks firmly believes in the transformative power of arts and culture, and we are passionate about ensuring everyone has the opportunity to dance and explore movement. Dance and the arts are also great vehicles for advocacy and making real social change – breaking down barriers to ensure disabled children and their families can enjoy a fair future.

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