Kenterprises – I’m head of welfare and wellbeing I’m disabled and we are part of the united nations 17 sdg

I’m the head of welfare and wellbeing for we are an organization that has been created to support the 17 sdg goals for the untied nations I’m also a disabled person I’m also part of k studios we are committed to inclusion for all I look at the best working practice across the globe for full inclusion is also head of the disabled programming section for the Ramsgate international film and tv we are committed to empowering every human being to feel included Tackle poverty and reduce unemployment, inequalities, and support growth initiatives for all sectors whilst attracting investors to enable progress. Improve life on land and below water through sustainable waste management options, whilst enabling green solutions to reduce waste and provide energy. We help modernize your education sector through unique programs, technologies, and collaborations. working in film and creative industry

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