Turtle Key Arts

Turtle Key Arts – Arts Charity seeking access for all in the arts

We are signing up to the Cultural Inclusion Manifesto as we believe that access to the arts helps to improve the quality of life by bringing people together, offering creative opportunities, social inter-action, confidence and self-esteem.

As creative producers we enable each project to reach its full artistic potential and ensure that participation and education is embedded at the heart of everything we do.

We have played a committed role in advancing participation in the arts by disabled, disadvantaged and socially excluded people, and are widely recognised as a leader in this field, often charting new territories, such as Turtle Song for people with Dementia, Key Words for young people with Dyslexia and Turtle Opera, The Key Club, and Musical Portraits for young people on the Autism Spectrum.

“Turtle Key Arts promote many initiatives and implement a series of measures to engage with the most vulnerable and disadvantaged parts of society”. – Everything Theatre
Turtle Key Arts was formed in 1989 as a unique and ground-breaking accessible space; and accessibility for all continues to be a key philosophy of the company.

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