Off Stream

Off Stream | Culture – Education – Inclusion – The main element of the projects we design or undertake, is the experimentation with new and innovative approaches in art, culture, education, as well as other aspects of social life. Off Stream’s methodology focuses on the principles of universal design, experiential education (learning by doing) and creative research. A principle we apply when designing our projects and services is to concern and address to as many groups of audiences as possible without the need for further customization or personalized design. In this way all audience groups are equally included preventing segregation. So far, we have designed solutions that enable the inclusion of blind and visually impaired visitors to two art museums in Greece located in two different cities. Check our work here.

Off Stream is a common ground for experimentation, new ideas, creativity and inclusion. Using contemporary art and culture as our main mediums, we aim at a more inclusive society, where different cultural, artistic and social positions find space for expression. We design projects that challenge, inspire and reveal a different way of thinking.
We design inclusive solutions for the accessibility of blind and visually impaired persons to art and culture and we hope that eventually all aspects of everyday life will be rendered inclusive to all social groups.
We would like to support the Cultural Inclusion Manifesto, not only because we agree and this describes an equal society that we would like to be part of but also with this small gesture we support the efforts of the community in a broader more global level.

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